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- Relaxing Alternatives for Instant "Calmer Karma"


Some ideas to reduce stress in the workplace from our Mind Body Spirit Team:

Essential Oils

Lavender essential oil is calming -try massaging it into your temples or sprinkle on a tissue and inhale.

DIY accupressure
Gently massage in the crease between your thumb and first finger using the thumb and first finger of the other hand

Try some spiritual nourishment

Try Meditating. Close your eyes take some deep breaths and try gently chanting "ohmmmm" this is calming, eases the symptoms of stress and fatigue and can even improve your memory. At worst, it'll make you laugh. Purchase meditation essential oil blends from

Feng Shui your Desk
The office environment is very "yang" (masculine) say Feng Shui devotees: busy, harsh and hard. Try a plant or some pretty flowers on your desk which will reintroduce yin energy - soft, gentle and calm - and eases stress levels. Plants are also good absorbers of negative energy.

Keep a crystal on your desk
(amethyst or smokey quartz are good for protecting your energies and aura (the electromagnetic field around the body) against the draining effects of computers)... also protects you from the office bore!. Learn more about crystals at our associate site


Close your eyes and visualise the colour green or pale blue - these are the most relaxing colours! Breathe these colours through the whole body focus the pale blue into tense shoulders or the head if you are suffering from a tense headache


Allow yourself to daydream ....
for a few minutes become the Harry Potter of the office engage with unicorns, swim with dolphins in a turquoise sea, play with fairies .. and you will find your creativity and spark returning.....

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