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Shiatsu is a powerful holistic therapy based on a Japanese healing art. It literally means "finger pressure" although during the course of a treatment hands, forearms, elbows and even feet may be used. Originating in Japan as a type of relaxing massage, Shiatsu has developed, incorporating the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, into a therapy using a number of techniques and is not strictly just massage.

As a result of our lifestyles, diets, family or work situations, tension and stress build up creating blockages in our bodies. This often results in physical, emotional and psychological "dis-ease". Shiatsu seeks to redress this imbalance by encouraging energy to flow smoothly, offering support while your body relaxes and allows itself to open up to the healing process.

Pressure is applied on energy channels in the body called 'meridians'. Individual meridians relate to different systems, eg nervous system, digestive system, reproductive system, etc, as well as organ functions. The aim and intention of a treatment is to bring balance and harmony to the energy channels, removing any blockages to allow the smooth flow of energy ("Chi" in Eastern terms).


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Available as: 15/20 minute treatments
(Head and shoulders)
Fully clothed and can be carried out at your desk.

Suitable for:
demonstrations, corporate days,
product launches.

Guarantee of Quality:
Therapists: Hold Diploma of British School of Shiatsu-Do

Calmer Karma personally try a treatment with all potential therapists before accepting them onto the team

Shiatsu can also be carried out as a more in-depth treatment on a special shiatsu couch as shown above

Meet the team.....
Calmer Karma Shiatsu practitioner Piu Bose pictured above.


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