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Walkabout Corporate Entertainment Act - London & UK




The Creatures- spectacular walkabout entertaiment

The Creatures - Jaw Dropping entertainment! As provided for the 2007 Harry Potter book launch + featured on ITN news on launch day of Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

Great for:
Jaw Dropping walkabout corporate entertainment
Harry Potter
Stone Age
Lord of the Rings themed events


The Creatures: Tech requirements:

There must be parking for a high topped van (9 foot) at the venue - near to the performing area (alternatively a loading bay near the performance area and parking nearby for central London
Performances are 2x30mins within 2 hrs

Changing area for artists needs to be no more than 200 metres from performance area as artists walk on their hands

calmerkarma are London based but able to cover events throughout the UK

The Creatures are a spectacular addition to any event as a creature handler leads giant mythical creatures!

Lavish, living breathing, animatronics 4 legged stilt walking film quality mythical beasts complete with custom built sound equipment (allowing them to breathe, grunt, purr etc).

The creatures are badly behaved and interact with the audience which is fantastic fun

Creatures stand at 2.4-2.9 metres high and are approx 1.2 metres wide. Their eyes move, their eyelids open and close independently - their ears swivel and move back, their noses wrinkle and their whiskers glow in the dark and under UV! T

This is spectacular entertainment which will amaze your audiences and attract media coverage!

NEW! Baby Creature
Also available is a 2nd generation fluffier, bouncier, brighter and even more badly behaved baby Creature!- baby carol on the new bouncy stilts - stands at a wobbly 2.2m - she can be booked on her own with a herder or with 1 or 2 of her parents - the baby creature can be transported more economically to all those far-flung places are that crying out for creatures



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